Irish Presbyterian Magazines

List of Irish Presbyterian magazines as published in Volume 36
of The Bulletin of the Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland.


Daybreak: 1873 - now discontinued
The Banner of Ulster: 1845-1870
The Bible Christian: 1930-1845
The Children’s Missionary Herald: 1855-1972
The Christian Freeman: 1832-1836
The Christian Banner: 1873-1909
The Christian Irishman and related Irish Mission magazines
The Christian Unitarian 1862-1867
The Covenanter: 1830-1847, 1853
The Disciple: 1881-1883
The Evangelical Witness: 1862-1875
The Irish Presbyterian: 1853-1858 First Series
The Irish Presbyterian: 1895-1942 New Series
The Irish Truth Seeker: 1848
The Irish Unitarian Magazine: 1846-1847
The Jungles Tribes Quarterly: 1895-1916
The Missionary Herald: 1827-1942
The Monthly Missionary Herald: 1837-1842
The Non-Subscriber: 1857-1863 (and 1907 onwards)
The Non-Subscribing Presbyterian: 1907 to present
The Orthodox Presbyterian: 1829-1840
The Presbyterian Churchman: 1877-1894
The Presbyterian Herald 1943 to present
The Presbyterian Penny Magazine: 1834-1837
Woman’s Work: 1877 (now Wider World)

An article Irish Presbyterian Magazines 1829 -1840 by Rev Prof John M Barkley was published in Volume 1 of the Bulletin.

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