St. Enoch’s and the Rev. Hugh Hanna

Exploring Local History - the PRONI and OUI Lecture Series
Lecture 4 - Religion
26 January 2012

Dr Janice Holmes (OUI) as part of her lecture at PRONI presented an illustrative case study on 'Religion in a Local Community' using material from records relating to St. Enoch's Presbyterian Church, Belfast and the Rev. Hugh Hanna.

Lecture segment videos are available on the PRONIonline Channel on YouTube -

  • Part 1 - Dr Janice Holmes, OUI - Introduction
  • Part 2 - Dr Janice Holmes, OUI - Introduction (continued)
  • Part 3 - Dr Janice Holmes, OUI - Introduction (continued)
    and Case Study: Religion in a Local Community
  • Part 4 - Dr Janice Holmes, OUI - Case Study  (continued)
  • Part 5 - Dr Ann McVeigh, PRONI - Church Records

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