Presbyterianism in Ulster, 1613-1840 – QUB Open Learning

QUB_OL_2013A Short Course by Robert Whan,
BA, MA, PhD.

10 weekly sessions on Wednesdays
7.00 pm to 9.00 pm,
starting  2 October 2013.

The Presbyterian community in Ulster was created by waves of immigration during the seventeenth century, with 2013 marking the 400th anniversary of the settlement of the first Presbyterian minister in Ireland.

The Presbyterians formed a highly organised community which exercised a rigorous discipline over its members and had a well-developed intellectual life, sharpened by continual  debate. They challenged the status quo and later in the eighteenth century formed the backbone of the Republican, separatist movement, as well as being active in the reform movement more generally.

This course will chart the religious, economic, political and social history of the Presbyterians from the Plantation to the formation of the General Assembly in 1840.

Class venue due to be published on Friday 27 September 2013.

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