3rd Annual Whitelaw Reid Memorial Lecture

This year’s Whitelaw Reid Memorial Lecture, entitled
The Ulster-Scots and the Second American War of Independence, 1812-1815
will be delivered by Dr John McCavitt.

The lecture takes place on Thursday 27 March 2014 in the Board Room of the Presbyterian Assembly Buildings, Fisherwick Place, Belfast. The evening will commence with light refreshments from 7.00pm, followed by Dr McCavitt’s lecture at 7.30pm. Entry to this event is free and everyone is welcome. Please register by noon on Wednesday 26th March 2014.

Dr McCavitt is a noted authority on the period, who has authored numerous publications and lectured extensively on both sides of the Atlantic; he is also a member of the Ministerial Advisory Group on the Ulster-Scots Academy. Through this lecture Dr McCavitt will provide a fascinating insight to the role played by Ulster-Scots in events such as the Battle of Baltimore, the burning of the White House and the Battle of New Orleans, which made Andrew Jackson an American national hero.


The Whitelaw Reid Memorial Lecture commemorates the life of Whitelaw Reid, a Scotch-Irish journalist, politician and diplomat who edited the New York Tribune before becoming a candidate for the Vice-Presidency of the United States and then the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom. In March 1912 Whitelaw Reid delivered a famous address entitled “The Scot in America and the Ulster Scot” in the Assembly Buildings.

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The Scot in America and the Ulster Scot - by Whitelaw Reid