Presbyterians in the trans-Atlantic world, 1550-1700


 Presbyterians in the trans-Atlantic world, 1550-1700

 12-13 September 2014, Queen's University Belfast

This conference has been organised by Crawford Gribben (Queen's University Belfast) as part of the "Radical religion in the trans-Atlantic world: Ulster Scots perspectives" project, and is funded by the Northern Ireland DCAL Ministerial Advisory Group on Ulster Scots (2014-15).

All proceedings will take place in the Senate Room, Lanyon Building, Queen's University Belfast. The conference is free and is open to the public.

 All enquiries should be directed to Crawford Gribben [ ].

Friday 12 September 2014

2:00pm          Welcome and first plenary lecture

Francis J. Bremer (Millersville University, PA),
"'Congregational principles are lost in New England': The drift towards Presbyterian polity in colonial New England"

3:00pm-4:30pm   Session 1: English Presbyterians in the Atlantic world

Polly Ha (University of East Anglia),
"Presbyterians and the Prayer Book in the British Atlantic"

Elliot Vernon (Independent scholar),
"English Presbyterians and the Covenant" (tbc)

4:45pm-6:15pm   Session 2: Scottish Presbyterians in the Atlantic world

Andrew Robinson (University of Ulster),
"'They hope to find an America in Scotland': An Ulster view of religious freedom on the eve of the Stuart Civil Wars"

Kathleen Middleton (Trinity College Dublin),
"Transatlantic sufferings:  The American colonies in post-Revolution Scottish martyrology"

6:30pm          Second plenary lecture

R. Scott Spurlock (University of Glasgow),
"'Ascendency and exile: accounting for ecclesiological shifts in 'Scottish' Presbyterianism"

7:45pm          Conference dinner [all speakers are invited to attend dinner]
Molly's Yard, Botanic Avenue

Saturday 13 September 2014

9:00am-10:30am    Session 3: Irish Presbyterians in the Atlantic world

Laurence Kirkpatrick (Union Theological College, Belfast),
"The Irish Mayfair: People, places and problems"

Robert Armstrong (Trinity College Dublin),
"Thinking like a Presbyterian: Irish Presbyterians in the British Atlantic world, 1689-1707"

11:00am-12:30pm    Session 4: Commerce and covenants in the Atlantic world

Craig Gallagher (Boston College, MA),
"Covenants and Commerce: Presbyterian Networks in the Atlantic world"

Michael S. Griggs (University of Edinburgh),
"The 'Radical' become Revolutionary: Violence as a Means of 'Salvation' within Covenanting Political Thought in a British Atlantic World, 1630-1750"

12:30pm    Lunch [available locally]

1:30pm-3:00pm   Session 5:

Thomas Donachie (Queen's University Belfast),
"David Houston (1633-96) - Disquieter of the Peace"

Joseph S. Moore (Gardner-Webb University, NC),
"Covenanter factions in colonial Presbyterianism"

3:00pm          Closing plenary lecture

Michael Winship (University of Georgia),
"Hunting for 'presbyterianism' in puritan New England, then and now"

4:00pm          Conference ends