The Bush that Burned – New Edition of a Presbyterian Novel

by Lydia Mary Foster (Author), edited by Derek Rowlinson with an introduction by Dr Colin Walker. The Bush That BurnedThis novel is more than just the story of young Oliver Whiteside leaving the family farm in Co. Tyrone to study for the ministry.  It is an invaluable record of the essence of Irish Presbyterianism in day to day life as experienced by regular ministers and members of their congregations during the mid-19th Century.  It also provides a wealth of words and expressions used by the ordinary folk of that time which add great charm and humour to the book. First published in 1931, this third, annotated edition published in 2015, includes an Introduction by Dr Colin Walker, footnotes to the text, and a glossary of words and phrases to enhance the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the work. A Kindle Edition is also available.