The Scots in Ulster – the latest PHSI publication

Cover Image - The Scots In UlsterOur latest publication ‘The Scots in Ulster’ is a re-print of 6 pamphlets published by the Rev Dr David Stewart between 1952 and 1957.

The Rev Stewart was a distinguished historian of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland – he authored ‘The History and Principles of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’ (1907) and a very important work, ‘The Seceders in Ireland’ (1950) as well as being the editor of ‘The Fasti of the Irish Presbyterian Church, 1613-1840’ published in a number of parts.

The Scots in Ulster Part 1 is about the coming of the Scots to Ulster and the background to the grants of denization and naturalisation given to these Scots settlers to enable them to have the same rights and privileges in Ulster as Englishmen. The original grants found principally in the Irish Chancery Patent Rolls of James 1 and Charles 1 and in the Ulster Inquisitions were lost when the Public Record Office of Ireland in Dublin was destroyed in 1922. Fortunately, the Ulster Inquisitions and the Patent Rolls were published in the 19th century.

Parts 2 and 3 are largely lists of names of those who received such grants, arranged by county – Cos Antrim, Armagh, Cavan and Donegal in Part 1 and Cos Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry and Tyrone in Part 2.

Part 4 is an account of how Presbyterians fared in the years between 1636 and 1642.

Part 5 is a reprint of a pamphlet in the King’s Collection in the British Library describing the quelling of the 1641 Rising in the North of Ireland.

Part 6, also from manuscripts in the British Library, gives an account of the impact of the Rising on Londonderry city and of the taking of Mountjoy in 1642 by Colonel Clotworthy.

Full title - ‘The Scots in Ulster, their Denization and Naturalisation 1605-1634’.

The publication may be bought online from the PHSI.