Faith and Slavery in the Presbyterian Diaspora

Faith and SlaveryEdited by William Harrison Taylor and Peter C. Messer

Contributions by Sir Tom Devine; Richard J. Finlay; Kimberly D. Hill; Gideon Mailer; Joseph S. Moore; Nini Rodgers; William J. Roulston; Valerie Wallace and Iain Whyte.

Faith and Slavery in the Presbyterian Diaspora considers how, in areas as diverse as the New Hebrides, Scotland, the United States, and East Central Africa, men’s and women’s shared Presbyterian faith conditioned their interpretations of and interactions with the institution of chattel slavery.

The chapters highlight how Presbyterians’ reactions to slavery—which ranged from abolitionism, to indifference, to support—reflected their considered application of the principles of the Reformed Tradition to the institution. Consequently, this collection reveals how the particular ways in which Presbyterians framed the Reformed Tradition made slavery an especially problematic and fraught issue for adherents to the faith.

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Dr Nini Rodgers and Dr William J Roulston are members of the Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland.