The Library

Books and Pamphlets

The Society possesses a library of some 12,000 books and pamphlets. These are mainly concerned with the history of Presbyterianism, largely relating to Ireland but also to Scotland and elsewhere.

The library books and pamphlets are available for consultation only in the Reading Room.

Included are books relating to general Presbyterian history, congregational histories, biographies and autobiographies and Presbyterian missionary work overseas.

The large collection of pamphlets written on a wide range of subjects from temperance to doctrinal controversies are a rich source for researchers. Over 500 of these pamphlets date before 1851.

The Witness Newspaper

A microfilm copy of The Witness, a Presbyterian newspaper, covering the period 1874-1941, is also available for consultation. Published fortnightly it is a veritable treasure trove of information on all things Presbyterian ranging from presbytery reports, reports on congregational events and, comments on national events of the period, to reports on missionary associations and birth, marriage and death notices


The Society holds a very good collection of Presbyterian journals or magazines, the earliest dating from 1829, produced by the General Synod of Ulster, the Secession Synod, the Remonstrant Synod and the Presbytery of Antrim, the Reformed Presbyterian Church (Covenanters), the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

These include: the Orthodox Presbyterian, the Bible Christian, the Missionary Herald, the Covenanter and The Irish Unitarian Magazine. As well as learned and scholarly articles they contain information on, for example, ordinations and installations, controversial events of the time and the activities of church courts.

Some of these magazines have been recently digitised and are available on our website.

The Society welcomes donations of books, congregational histories, pamphlets and magazines. These can be presented as a gift or as an indefinite loan to the Society or as a bequest.