Timeline for Presbyterianism in Ireland

Year Presbyterianism in Ireland Events
1603 James VI of Scotland becomes James I of England
1607 The Flight of the Earls
1610 Plantation of Ulster
1611 King James Bible
1613 First Scottish Presbyterian minister in Ireland - Rev Edward Brice, Broadisland (Ballycarry)
1625 Six Mile Water Revival King Charles I
1636 "Eagle Wing" sails from Belfast Lough for America with around 140 Presbyterians - men, women and children - and 4 Presbyterian ministers including Livingstone of Killinchy and Blair of Bangor
1638 National Covenant read aloud in Greyfriar's Church, Edinburgh
1639 "Black Oath" introduced
1641 Rebellion
1642 First Presbytery at Carrickfergus
1643 Solemn League and Covenant signed in England and Scotland
1644 Solemn League and Covenant signed in Ireland
1647  Larger and Shorter Catechisms published
1649  Westminster Confession of Faith published
1649 The Commonwealth
1654 Three Presbyteries : Down, Antrim, Route
Synod of Ulster
1657 Presbytery of Laggan
1659 Presbytery of Tyrone
1660 King Charles II
1661 Synod's last meeting before the  Disruption; at least 61 of Ulster's ministers were ejected from their pulpits
1663 Blood's Plot - some Presbyterian ministers implicated
1672 Regium Donum first granted
1683 Rev Francis Makemie emigrates to America from Ramelton, Co. Donegal, and organises the first American Presbytery and founded the Presbyterian church in North America
1685 King James II
1689 King William III and Queen Mary
1690 General Synod of Ulster constituted
Minutes of Synod start
Revolution Settlement
1696 Presbytery of Munster formed
Southern Association formed
1697 Presbytery of Belfast
1702 Queen Anne
1704 Sacramental Test Act - Presbyterians forced to take the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper according to the rites of the Church of Ireland as a condition of holding any office, civil or military, under the Crown.
1714 King George I
1717 First wave of Migration from Ulster-Scots to America - mostly Presbyterians
1718 Migration from the Aghadowey area, Co. Londonderry to New England led by Rev James MacGregor of Aghadowey
1726 Presbytery of Antrim formed
1727 King George II
1740 Irish Famine 1740-1
1745 Jacobite Rebellion
1750 First Anti-burgher Presbytery met (Seceders)
1751 Burgher Presbytery (Seceders) formed
1757 First ordained Irish Reformed minister ordained - William Martin - at the Vow, Co. Antrim
1760 King George III
1763 Reformed Presbytery constituted
1764 The "Cahans Exodus"
1775 American War of Independence begins
1779 Burgher Synod (Seceders)
1782 Marriage Act - Marriages performed by Presbyterian ministers of their own members were legalised
1788 Antiburgher Synod (Seceders) formed
1789 French Revolution begins
1798 United Irishmen Rebellion - many Presbyterians, including ministers, were actively involved
1801 Union of Great Britain and Ireland
1809 Sunday School Society for Ireland formed;
Synod of Munster constituted
1811 Reformed Presbyterian Synod formed - first Synod met in Cullybackey
1814 Royal Belfast Academical Institution opened - many Presbyterian ministers educated there up until 1853
1818 The Presbyterian Synod of Ireland distinguished by the name of 'Seceders' (generally referred to as the Secession Synod) formed (by Burgher and Anti-burgher Synods uniting)
1819 Presbyterian ministers are required to keep a register of baptisms and marriages
1820 King George IV
1825 The "Arian Controversy" began
1825 "The Code" enacted by the General Synod of Ulster
1829 Rev Dr John Edgar inaugurated the movement of Temperance Reform Catholic Emancipation
1830 Remonstrant Synod of Ulster formed King William IV
1835 Association of Irish Non-subscribing Presbyterians formed when the Synod of Munster joined with the Presbytery of Antrim and the Remonstrant Synod of Ulster
1837 Queen Victoria
1840 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) formed by the union of the General Synod of Ulster and the Secession Synod -
Act of Union
16 ministers protested against the union
1841 "The Code" enacted by the General Assembly PCI
1841 8 of the 16 protesting ministers joined PCI
Original Secession Synod instituted
Jewish Mission established by the PCI
1842 Eastern Synod of the Reformed Presbyterian Church formed
1843 Free Church of Scotland formed
1844 Marriage Act (effective 1845) legalized marriages between a member of the Church of Ireland and a Presbyterian. All Presbyterian marriages are registered in the General Register Office with those of the Church of Ireland
1845 The Great Famine started and continued for several years
1846 Colonial and Continental Mission established by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland; Presbyteries were grouped into Synods - Armagh and Monaghan, Ballymena and Coleraine, Belfast, Derry and Omagh,  and Dublin
1852 The Presbyterian College, Belfast established
1852 The Magee Presbyterian College, Londonderry established
1853 Assembly's College opened
1854 Presbytery of Munster joins the PCI
1859 The 1859 Revival
1862 The Sabbath School Society formed by the PCI
1865 Magee College, Londonderry, opened
1866 The Presbyterian Orphan Society formed by the PCI
1869 Irish Church Act
1870 Sustentation Fund started by the PCI First Irish Land Act
1871 Church of Ireland disestablished
1 January
1871 Irish Presbyterian Church Act
1881 Presbyterian Theological Faculty of Ireland (PTFI) - Royal Charter granted Second Irish Land Act
1882 Belfast Presbyterian College Act 1882
1886 First Home Rule Bill
1893 Second Home Rule Bill
1901 King Edward VII
1905 Assembly Buildings for the PCI opened in Belfast
1907 Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland founded
1910 King George V
1912 Ulster's Solemn League and Covenant, an expression of opposition to Home Rule; Thomas Sinclair, a leading Presbyterian layman, was heavily involved in its drafting which was modelled on the Scottish Covenants of the 16th and 17th centuries Third Home Rule Bill
1914 World War I starts
1916 Easter Rising begins in Dublin
Battle of the Somme
1921 Partition of Ireland
1926 Presbyterian War Memorial Hostel opened in Belfast
1927 Women admitted as Ruling Elders in PCI
Irish Evangelical Church formed
1935 Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church constituted when Presbytery of Antrim, Synod of Munster and Remonstrant Synod united
1936 King Edward VIII
King George VI
1940 The Belfast Presbyterian College Act 1940
1952 Queen Elizabeth II
1953 Magee University College, Londonderry (NI) Act 1953
1955 Coronary congregation received by the General Assembly into the PCI
1956 Dromore and Toberdoney congregations received by the General Assembly into the PCI
1964 Evangelical Presbyterian Church - new name for the Irish Evangelical Church
1970 Magee University College Londonderry Act (NI) 1970
1973 Women admitted as Ministers in PCI
1978 Union Theological College established
1979 "The Code" enacted by the General Assembly PCI on 7 June 1979 - Effective from 1 January 1980