Enquiry Service

If the Society is the only holder of a particular document then we can offer a paid research service (the charge is £10.00 per hour or part thereof); any other searches will be at the discretion of the librarian/archivist and is dependent on the enquirer giving reasonably precise information.

The basic information that is required:

  • Where the family lived – a townland or parish if possible (see below for an explanation of the different land divisions in Ireland).
  • The name of the Presbyterian church, if known.
  • Any dates of baptism and marriage and where they took place, if known.

If you require detailed research carried out and are unable to do it in person you should contact a commercial genealogical organisation .

Permission to Publish

Should you wish to publish material held by the Presbyterian Historical Society you must request permission in writing and provide details regarding the extent and nature of what you intend to publish and acknowledge the Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland as the source.