Rules and Regulations

When you arrive at the Library and Archive you must:

  • sign the Visitors’ book on each visit
  • register, agreeing to comply with these Rules
  • leave coats, bags, folders, files, laptop computer bags and cases, books, newspapers and all personal belongings in one of the lockers provided; you can take a pad of paper and/or a file of research notes into the search room but you may be asked to leave them at the staff desk when consulting original documents
  • switch mobile phones to silent while in the Search Room
  • not use mobile phones for conversations while you are in the Search Room

When you are using books and documents you must:

  • use only pencil: please do not use pens, markers, scissors, erasers, correcting fluid or Post-it notes; pencils must not be used as pointers
  • handle all items with care
  • not mark books or documents in any way
  • not lean on books or documents
  • keep manuscripts, volumes and reference books flat on the table and should not be held in the lap or propped against a table edge.
  • not remove any book on open access from the shelves without completing a request form
  • not remove any item from the Search Room
  • keep all documents in the order in which they are given to you; if an item seems to be out of place or is damaged please tell the librarian
  • ask the librarian if you would like to use your own laptop, camera or other equipment in the Search Room; power sources are limited so charge your equipment before you arrive; wireless is not available
  • ask the librarian if you would like a photocopy of an item, would like to trace a map or take your own photographs
  • complete a copyright declaration form for all copying requests and inform the librarian if you intend to publish or reproduce any item (It is illegal for us to supply you with more than one copy of a document in copyright )

When you leave the Search Room you must:

  • return all archives/manuscripts/ books to the librarian’s desk before you leave, even temporarily;
  • show your laptop, open, to staff as you leave

At all times please note that:

  • you may not smoke anywhere in the building
  • you may not take any kind of food or drink, including chewing gum or throat pastilles, into the Search Room
  • there may be a restriction on the number of items you can view at any one time
  • you should treat the librarian and other visitors with courtesy
  • you should show consideration to others by speaking quietly and keeping conversations to a minimum
  • children of primary school age or younger should be accompanied by an adult