The publication of books and pamphlets from time to time is an important part of the work of the Society.

Publications for Sale

Due to the Coronavirus emergency the sale of publications is suspended until further notice.

The Bulletin

Each year the Society publishes a Bulletin which includes a wide range of articles and book reviews. To give an example, Volume 39 (2015) of the Society's Bulletin contains articles on:

  • Poor Dark Connaught: an Irish Presbyterian case study by Laurence Kirkpatrick
  • The Presbyterian Mission to Kerry 1840-1860 by Hugh O'Reilly
  • The Reverend Samuel Dunlop: an early pioneer in Irish Mission by Dr A W G Brown

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A magazine that deals with history! But please don’t let that frighten you. Sadly for many the thought of history revives old school nightmares of memorising names and dates.

The idea of Heritage is to give you a flavour of that story by retelling the story of past events and people, giving you information, or helping you find more information. In other words while we want to make the story more accessible, the main component in all of this is YOU.  You are part of this story, just as your forbearers were and as you children will be. And we  want you to feel part of it.

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