“Heritage” Magazine

Heritage Magazine - Spring 2020Yes - we're back with more Heritage.
A magazine that deals with history!

But please don’t let that frighten you. Sadly for many the thought of history revives old school nightmares of memorising names and dates. This is different. This is history as a story – HIS Story.

The idea of Heritage is to give you a flavour of the story of Christ working through His Church by retelling the story of past events and people, giving you information, or helping you find more information. In other words while we want to make the story more accessible, the main component in all of this is YOU. You are part of this story, just as your forebearers were and as you children will be.

This third issue of Heritage includes

Hello and Welcome
Ancient Baptismal Font
The Story of Revivals in Ireland
Something for Nothing!
Presbyterians in the Episcopal Church
The Days of the Mayflower
Lost and Not Found!
St Patrick a Presbyterian
New Publication – Sketches of the History of Presbyterians in Ireland 1803

Heritage - Spring 2020

The second issue of Heritage includes

Hello and Welcome
The day the minister called
Creevelea Presbyterian Church
William Martin
Francis Makemie – the father of American Presbyterianism
Would you believe it?
The historic synods revisited
William Dool Killen
New Publication – Dr Tom Baker

Heritage - Autumn 2019

The first issue of Heritage included

Hello and Welcome
PHSI Website
I didn't know that!
How God used a poor preacher
The Porter Family
What happens when people move away?
Discover more about the history of the Covenanters
A new beginning - History of Mullingar Presbyterian Church
Exciting future for the Society as new premises open

Make a start here to finding out something more about HIStory in Ireland.

Heritage - Spring 2019