Second-Hand Books for Sale

We have identified a number of books and journals that are duplicates or that are not appropriate for the Society's library. Contact the Librarian using the Enquiry Form to check availability and get details about postage costs.

Here are just some of the titles on offer and suggested prices (postage will be extra).

Title Author Price
Presbyterianism Rev John M Barkley £4.00
Glad Did I Live - Memoirs of a Long Life William Corkey £20.00
A Commentary on the Confession of Faith with Questions for Theological Students and Bible Classes (London 1870) Rev A A Hodge
edited by W H Goold
First Lisburn Presbyterian Church 1688-1988 (1988) Richer, William (Compiler) £6.00
Wesleyan Methodist Magazine (June - Dec 1837)
Jan - May pages have been torn out
Magazine £8.00
Series of pamphlets produced by the Religious Tract Society, New Biographical Series - on Sir Henry Havelock (No 69) (front covers loose), Sir Matthew Hale (No 114), Baron Von Haller (No 89)(pages loose), Fletcher of Madeley (No 97), Ambrose, Archbishop of Milan (No 86), Professor John Duncan (No 103), George Wilson (No 85), John Berridge (No 120), and Polycarp of Smyrna (No 93) Religious Tract Society £5.00 each
The Weekly Visitor 1835, The Visitor or Monthly Instructor 1836, 1837 and 1847 (1835-37 and 1847)
Spines of 2 volumes are damaged
A Magazine - 4 volumes £8.00
On Being a Real Person (1943)
Student Christian Movement Press Ltd
Fosdick, Harry Emerson £2.00
The Four Masters and Their Work (1944) Walsh, Father Paul £4.00
Manual of Romish Controversy: Being a Complte Refutation of the Creed of Pope of Pius IV (c1910) Blakeney, R P (Rev) £3.00
The Beginnings of Religion. An Introductory and Scientific Study (c 1930) James, E. O. £2.00
The Triumph of Presbyterianism (1958) Campbell W. M. £6.00
The Year of Grace: A History of the Ulster Revival of 1859 (1860)
In good condition apart from the spine which has become detached
Gibson, Rev William £20.00
History of the Irish Presbyterian Church (1887) Hamilton, Rev T £7.00
Sermons by Ephraim Peabody, Minister of King's Chapel, Boston, with a Memoir (1857) Very fine binding Peabody, Ephraim £50.00
Religion (The Home University Library of Modern Knowledge) (1948) Micklem, Nathaniel £2.00
A Theological Introduction to the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England (1950) Bicknell, E J with additional reference by the Rev Canon H J Carpenter £6.00
My Stronghold of Love. Words of Good Cheer to the Suffering and Sorrowful (c.1870) Everard, George (Rev) £3.00
Ireland and the Celtic Church - A History of Ireland from St Patrick to the English Conquest in 1172 (1907) Stokes, George T £20.00
The Infallibility of the Church - A Course of Lectures delivered in the Divinity School of the University of Dublin (1890) Spine slighty damaged Salmon, George (Provost of Trinity College, Dublin) £15.00
An Encyclopaedia of Religions (1921) Canny, Michael, A. £5.00
The Cathedral church of The Holy Trinity of Down, Downpatrick (1964) A small pamphlet Parkinson, R. E. £2.00
Notes,Explanatory ahd Practical on the New Testament.Vol 6 - 2 Corinthians and Galations (1852) Barnes, Albert £6.00
Fifty Years of Disestablishment - A Sketch (Dublin 1922) Patton, Henry E. £12.00
History of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand (1899)
Edges are damaged and there are pencil scribblings on some of the pages
Dickson, Rev John £15.00
Presbyterianism (1951) Barkley, Rev John M £5.00
The Form of the Christian Temple being a Treatise on the Constitution of the New Testament Church (1889)
there is some water damage to the first 2 pages, otherwise good
Witherow, Thomas, Professor of Church History in Magee College, Londonderry £20.00
The Plea of Presbytery in behalf of the Ordination, Government, Discipline, and Worship of the Christian Church as opposed to the Unscriptural Character and Claims fo Prelacy , in a reply to the Rev Archibald Boyd on Episcopacy by Ministers of the General Synod of Ulster (1840) Ministers of the General Synod of Ulster £40.00 [Loose cover]
Record of the Trial of the Rev Prof J. E. Davey by the Belfast Presbytery (1927) Belfast Presbytery £10.00
Record of the Trial of the Rev Prof J. E. Davey by the Belfast Presbytery and of the Hearing of Appeals by the General Assembly (1927) Belfast Presbytery £10.00
The Romeward Trend in Irish Presbyterianism? (1968) Barkley, John M. £6.00
The Road Ahead - Reflections The Redevelopment of Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church Dublin (2002) Fitzgerald, Joy £3.00
The Life of John Wesley (1960) Telford, John £7.00
Proceedings of the General Council of the Alliance of the Reformed Churches Holding the Presbyterian System - 1st-3rd, 7th-9th, 11th-12th, 15th [3rd (in St Enoch's) (1877-1937) Alliance of Reformed Churches £10.00 each
The Presbyterian College Belfast 1853-1953 (1954) Allen, Robert £40.00
The Story of the Central Presbyterian Association, Belfast, 1882-1932 (1932) Johnston, Robert £15.00
Presbyterianism in Lisburn from the Seventeenth Century: First Lisburn Presbyterian Church (1960) Craig, W. I. £25.00
Through the Years in a City Centre Congregation 1929-1987: May Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast (1988) Torney, Catherine R. £5.00
Around Ahoghill : Ahoghill Part Three (1935) Dunlop, Eull and Kernohan, Sandy £5.00
The Rock From which We are Hewn - a series of lectures on the history of the Presbyterian Church and its beliefs (Antrim 1951) Ministers of the Presbyterian Church £10.00
In the Days of the Laggan Presbytery (Belfast 1908) Lecky, Rev Alexander £20.00
The Prevailing Word - the development of the Presbyterian mission stations in India (Belfast Foreign Mission Office 1953) Boyd, R H £15.00
Challenge and Conflict. Essays in Irish Presbyterian History and Doctrine. (Antrim 1981) Various contributors including JLM Haire, AW Godfrey Brown, WD Bailie, RFG Holmes and John M Barkley £15.00
The Life of the Rev Henry Montgomery, Dunmurry, with Selections from his Speeches and Writings (London  1875) Rev John A Crozier £30.00
Irish Unionism 1885-1923: A Documentary History (Belfast 1973) Patrick Buckland £10.00
First Lisburn Presbyterian Church 1688-1988 (1988) William Richer £7.00
Our Rest-Day: Its Origin, History, and Claims with Special Reference to Present-Day Needs (Edinburgh 1886) Rev Thomas Hamilton, Belfast £20.00
Fuller Life (Belfast, The Foreign Mission) Robert Boyd £6.00
Frazer of Tain (The Rev Alexander Frazer) (Glasgow 1966) John T Carson £6.00
North Antrim. A Collection of Photographs. (Belfast 1998) Arthur Ward £5.00
'In the Red' - a series of Sermons by the minister of Fisherwick Presbyterian Church , Belfast (1968) John H. Withers £5.00
Lowe Memorial. A Short History of Finaghy Presbyterian Church (1995) Ellie and Jean Copeland, Shane Hogg and Harold Leonard £5.00
Robert Henderson.  The Story of a Missionary Greatheart in India ( London 1922)
Mr Henderson whose family came from near Randalstown, Co Antrim, served as a missionary of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.
Rev J Sinclair Stevenson £20.00
Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi - The Post Exilian Prophets (Edinburgh  (1986) Marcus Dods D.D. (Principal, New College, Edinburgh) £2.00
Ahoghill Folk - Ahoghill Part 2.  Photographs of people of the Fourtowns and round about, mostly from the Stevenson Collection (1989)
Front cover stained othwerwise in good condition.
Mid Antrim Historical Group £2.00
Ways to Wealth.  The Cust Family of Eighteenth Century Armagh. (Belfast 1985) L. A. Clarkson and E. M. Crawford £4.00
'Ian Maclaren' . The Life of the Rev John Watson. (London 1908)
[John Watson - Scottish author and theologian who wrote stories of rural Scottish life and who wrote under the pseudonym 'Ian Maclaren']
W Robertson Nicoll £10.00
The Dowry of the Past. The Story of Berry Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast (1969) Mr H T Combe £6.00
Systematic Theology in 8 volumes (1948) Lewis Sperry Chafer £30.00
Industrial Ideals (1983) Victor Gollancz £2.00
James Seaton Reid. A Centenary Biography (London 1870) Robert Allen with a Foreword by Professor John Foster £20.00
A Theological Introduction to the Thirty Nine Articles of the Church of England E J Bicknell £6.00
Robert Henderson.  The Story of a Missionary Greatheart in India.  Rev J Sinclair Stevenson £15.00
Into All the World: A History of the Overseas Work of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland 1840-1990 Jack Thompson Editor £5.00
Notes on the New Testament: Explanatory and Practical with Questions for Bible Classes and Sunday Schools Vols 1-11 c. 1868 Albert Barnes £30.00
A Short History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland Prof John M Barkley £15.00
May Street Presbyterian Church Centenary : a History of the Congregation John Williamson £20.00
Milton's L'Allegro and Il Penseroso illustrated with etchings on steel (London, 1860) (Pages are loose) Birket Foster £100.00
For a Three Years' Course of Sermons: Notes to Aid Preparation Alfred T Fryer £3.00
Through Gates of  Hope (Belfast, Foreign Mission Office, 1947)  Describes the missionary work in Manchuria by the Presbyterian Chruch in Ireland  R H Boyd £10.00
The Heartburnings of a Moderator John T Carson £2.00
Voices from the Past - History of the English Conference of the Presbyterian Church of Wales 1889-1938 Buick Knox £1.00
Presbyterianism in Belfast (1912) Rev J M'Connell £40.00
What about the Jews: describing work among the Jews in Germany Arnold Frank £5.00
Old Testament History (The Century Bible Handbooks(1909)  Prof W H Bennett £1.00
A Short History of Ireland from The Earliest Times to 1608 (1893) P W Joyce £20.00
What shall I cry Rev Tom Patterson £10.00
The Union of Synods in the context of Mid-Antrim Finlay Holmes and Eull Dunlop £3.00
God's River in Spate: the story of the 1859 revival (slighty damaged) John T Carson £2.00
The Roots of Rathgael Robert McF Kelly £4.00
A Memoir of the Reverend Charles Davey of Belfast (Minister of St Enoch's and Fisherwick) J Ernest Davey £20.00
First International Convention of Reformed Presbyterian Churches 1896 - Speeches and Addresses £20.00
Christ and Western India - A Study of the Growth of the Indian Church in Bombay City from 1812 (1953) Elizabeth G K Hewat £5.00
An Historical Sketch of Groomsport Presbyterian Church 1841-1963 Rev Walter Nelson £10.00
Romanism and Evangelical Christianity: A Study of Origins and Development Francis J Paul, late Professor of Church History and Principal of Presbyterian College, Belfast. £5.00
History and Principles of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland Rev David Stewart £10.00
Christian Reunion in Ireland James S Rutherford £4.00
Contending for the Faith (History of the Evangelical Movement in the Universities and Colleges) Douglas Johnson £4.00
Ballymascanlon Cahal B Daly and AS Worrall £2.00
Martin Luther's Last Will and Testament (published 1982) £10.00
Pardon and Assurance Rev William J Patton £20.00
Irish Anglicanism 1869-1969: Essays on the role of Anglicanism in Irish Life £10.00
The Rock in the Plain - History of Cregagh Presbyterian Church £10.00
The Sabbath School Society for Ireland 1862-1962 (1961) John M Barkley £15.00
Presbyterianism on Trial (1927) Rev James Edgar £30.00
1662-1962 From Puritanism to Non-Conformity: The Annual Lecture of the Evangelical Library 1962. Rev Dr D M Lloyd-Jones £2.00
Andrew Weir of Manchuria Margaret Weir £10.00
History of 2nd Comber Presbyterian Church 1838-1990 £10.00
Heralds of God - Stories of Hebrew Prophets (1949) J B Thomson Davies £5.00
Presbyterian Church in Ireland – Directory 2005, 2006, 2007 £5.00 each
Keeping the Flame Burning – A Reflection on 50 Years of the Presbyterian Residential Trust 1949-1999 William McCaughey £5.00
The Code of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland 1962 £10.00
Over the Hill - Ecumenism in the Irish Presbyterian Church with a Foreword by the Very Rev Dr R F G Holmes 1997 Carlisle Patterson £1.00
The Code of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, 1912, 1948, 1962, 1980 £5.00 each
Venite Adoremus – World's Student Christian Federation Prayer Book £10.00
A Life of Jesus Christ (1981) Robert Turrall-Clarke £2.00
A General Study of Waringstown  Kieran Clendinning £5.00
Expositions of Holy Scripture - commentary on Matthew chapters 1 -8 (1905) Alexander Maclaren £10.00
William Barclay Commentaries – Acts, John, Letters of John and Jude, Luke William Barclay £1.00 each
Revival on the Causeway Coast Nicholas Railton £10.00
The Soldier's Armoury 1973 - Bible Readings £0.50
Alexander Vinet - His Life and Work Eugene Rambert £10.00
Buick's Ahoghill Part One £6.00
Episode in the History of Protestant Ulster 1923-47 William Corkey £15.00
1840-1940 Centenary – The Story of a Hundred Years of the Irish Presbyterian Church Rev Professor & J Ernest Davey
Baptists and Reformed in Dialogue – No 4 in Studies from the World Alliance of Reformed Churches
Joys, Jobs and Jaunts - Memoirs of Sir Martin Roseveare(Father of Dr Helen Roseveare)1984 Roseveare, Martin £7.00
Living Where the River Flows - A tribute to the Rev Dr John Talbot Carson Various contributors £5.00
What shall We Say of Christ (1932) explores the New Testament approach to the significance of Christ. Sydney Cave £2.00
Modern Evangelism William MacDonald £2.00
Newsletter 1737-1987.  A History of the Oldest British Daily Newspaper Hugh Shearman £3.00
The Lives of Mr Richard Hooker, Mr George Herbert, and Dr Robert Sanderson (London, 1847) Izaak Walton £20.00
Presbyterians in Limerick (1959) Hugh Lilburn £10.00
Waymakers in Manchuria R H Boyd £20.00
Equal to Rule. Leading the Jesus Way. Why men and women are equal to serve in leadership in the Christian Church. (2014) Trevor Morrow £5.00
The Story of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland A C Anderson £5.00
The Story of the Central Presbyterian Association, Belfast Robert Johnston £5.00
Ulster Since 1800. A Political and Economic Survey. (1955) Moody, T. W. and Beckett J. C. £8.00
How we got our Bible; An answer to Questions suggested by the late revision (6th Edition) J Patterson Smyth £4.00