Second-Hand Books for Sale

We have identified a number of books and journals that are duplicates or that are not appropriate for the Society's library. Contact the Librarian using the Enquiry Form to check availability and get details about postage costs.

Here are just some of the titles on offer and suggested prices (postage will be extra).

Title Author Price
Waymakers in Manchuria Boyd, R H £20.00
A Memorial Sketch of Townsend Street Presbyterian Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast (1880) Johnston, William (Rev) £20.00
His Reverence Listens Again McNeill, W. (Rev) £10.00
Go Forward. Memories of Manchuria (1989) McCombe, Margaret L. £5.00
Joyful Pilgrimage. The Voyage of the Iona Curragh (1963) Barry, John £5.00
John Waddell (Rev John Waddell was minister of 1st Bangor and Fisherwick, Belfast) Waddell, Harry C. £15.00
The Church of Scotland Past and Present: Its History, Its Relation to the Law and the State, Its Doctrine, Ritual Discipline and Patrimony (5 volumes) Story, Robert Herbert (editor) £30.00
A History of Second Donegore Presbyterian Church To Celebrate the Centenary of Our Building dedicated 14 June 1908 (2008) Gawn, William A. £15.00
Bicentenary History of Edengrove Presbyterian Church 1774-1974 (formerly Second and Third Ballynahinch) Bailie, W. D. (Rev) £6.00
The Sun-Dialled Meeting-Houses Cullybackey. A Short History of the Cuningham Memorial Presbyterian Church and its Prececessor (2004) Megaw, Jane £8.00
Others Have Laboured. Terrace Row Presbyterian Church (Coleraine)1796-1996; A Personal Perspective (1996) Clarke, David (Rev) £8.00
Ninety-Eight and Sixty Years After James, Andrew (Re-printed in the bicentenary year of 1998 by Mid- Antrim Historical Group: 39) £8.00
Orangeism Around Ballymena Part One. Articles on Warrants 115 to 515 in Ballymena District Loyal Orange Lodge No 8 Brown, John (reprinted for the tercentenary of the Battle of the Boyne by Mid-Antrim Historical Group 1990) £8.00
Recollections of Mary Alice Young nee Macnaghtan 1867-1946 of Dundarave and Galgorm County Antrim Mid- Antrim Historical Group: 32 £8.00
History of The Parish of Derrykeighan for Three Centuries Camac, Thomas £15.00
Blackmouth and Dissenter Barkley, John M. £13.00
A Short History of 2nd Donegore Presbyterian Church 1788-1988 Montgomery, Francis J. £7.00
History of the Irish Presbyterian Church (Edinburgh, Special Edition 1887) Hamilton, T £10.00
Great is Thy Faithfulness: The Story of Woodvale Presbyterian Church 1895-1995 (Kirk Session, 1995) Wilson, Elwyn J £8.00
1623-1973: 350th Anniversary of First Bangor Presbyterian Church (1973) Wilson, William £8.00
Abundant & Abounding - the pattern of God's Grace in one man's life (Lisburn, 2001) Buick, Jackson C £10.00
Crinkle Crankle Lane (Ilfracombe, 1960) Fox, Harry J £8.00
The History of Macrory Memorial Presbyterian Church, Belfast(1999) Heaney, Norman £5.00
Coldingham Priory(1975) Thomson T. D. £3.00
Records of the Presbyterian Congregation of Magherahamlet 1825-1981 £7.00
The City Mission Story Murray, S. W. £6.00
The Old Parish Church of Peebles (1973) MacFarlane, Rev David C (Compiled by) £6.00
New Row: The History of New Row Presbyterian Church Coleraine 1727-1977 (1976) Mullin, Julia E £10.00
Glenhoy - The First 200 Years (1979) Johnston, Jack £6.00
Knock Presbyterian Church 1872-1972 (1972) Browne, Nelson £8.00
Presbyterianism in Killead 1630-1980 Weir, W D and Campbell H £8.00
The Church on the Hill: A Short History of First Dromore Presbyterian Church 1660-1981 (Banbridge, 1982) £8.00
Tercentenary Year Book: First Lurgan Presbyterian Church 1684-1984 £5.00
Handbook to the Church Hymnary (London 1927) Moffatt, James (Rev Professor) edited by £15.00
S Alex Blair's County Antrim Characters - Acheson to Gilmour. Portraits from the Past which first appeared in the pages of the Ballymena Guardian (1993) Compiled by Eull Dunlop and published by Mid-Antrim Historical Group:19 £5.00
Magee 1865-1965 (1965) Holmes, R. F. G. £10.00
A Short History of Second Donegore Presbyterian Church 1788-1988 (1988) Montgomery, Francis J. £10.00
A History of Donagheady Presbyterian Churches and Parish (2005) Stewart, Stanley (Rev) £8.00
The Great Church of the Roe (1982) Donnelly, Philip £8.00
The Brigh. Worship and Service over 375 Years (1990) Fisher, Robert Shaw £8.00
A Short History of Second Kilrea Presbyterian Church 1832-1982 (1982) Hutchinson, Pearl and Lennox, Marion £5.00
A History of the Mall Presbyterian Church Armagh, 1837-1987 (1987) Lockington, John W. £8.00
Times and Tides. A History of Whiteabbey Presbyterian Church 1833-1995 (1995) McMurray, W. B. (Rev) and Beattie, Hugh £8.00
A History of Garmany's Grove Presbyterian Church (1970) Bell, J. Brian A (Rev) £8.00
Presbyterianism in Dungiven 1835-1986 (1987) Thompson, Norman and Young, Lily £8.00
Three Centuries of Christian Witness Being the History of First Randalstown Presbyterian Church (1955) Allen, Robert (Rev) £8.00
The Past Revisited. A History of Drumbo Presbyterian Church, Co Down (1992) Reid, Christopher I. (Dr) £8.00
The Free Church of Scotland Appeals 1903-4. United Free Church Authorised Report (1904) Orr, Robert Low (editor) £15.00
A Complete History of the Waldenses And Their Colonies Prepared in Great Part From Unpublished Documents. Vols 1 and 2
Muston, Alexis £30.00
St. James's Presbyterian Church Ballymoney. The First 150 Years 1834-1984 (1984) Pollock, James £8.00
A Short History of First Newry Presbyterian Church 1828-1878 (Sandys Street) (1978) McIlwrath, David S. £8.00
Legacurry Presbyterian Church - Our Story (1993) Magowan, J. M. £8.00
A History of Cairncastle Presbyterian Church 1832-1990 (1990) Allen, Harold R. £8.00
Building Up a Church. A Short History To Mark the Sesquicentenary of Templepatrick Presbyterian Church in 1995 (1995) Killough, Sadie and Orme, Katie £8.00
Ballylinney Presbyterian Church. A Story of 150 Years. (1985) Sherrard, Stanley £8.00
A History of Second Broughshane Presbyterian Church 1861-1986 (1986) Gray, Trevor J. I. £8.00
Record of the Trial of the Rev Prof J. E. Davey by the Belfast Presbytery 1927 (1927) £15.00
Bushmills Presbyterian Church 1646-1996 (1966) Wallace, H. Barkley (Rev) £8.00
The First Hundred Years, A Short History of Kells Presbyterian Church (1975) Carson, George £8.00
History of the Congregations of the United Presbyterian Church 1733-1900 (1904) Small, Robert (Rev) £20.00
Biographical Notices of Members of the Society of Friends who were resident in Ireland (1823) Leadbeater, Mary £30.00
The Free Church of Scotland Appeals 1903-4 (1904) Orr, Robert Low (Editor) £20.00
The Presbyterian Church in Ireland. First Ballymoney Bicentenary of Church Building 1777-1977 (1977) Blair, S. Alexander £8.00
Rosemary Presbyterian Church. A Record of the last 200 Years (1923) Kernohan, J. W. £10.00
The Ulster Revival of 1859. A Doctoral Thesis by Alfred Russell Scott. Reprint by mid-Antrim Historical Group (No 22) (1994) Dunlop, Eul (Editor) £10.00
Greenisland Presbyterian Church. The First Fifty Years 1934-1984 (1984) Armstrong, Douglas £5.00
Your Church is On Fire. The Story of Ravenhill Presbyterian Church (c.1979) Thompson, Joseph £8.00
Gardenmore Presbyterian Church, Larne 1769-2003 (1965) Holmes, R. F. G. £10.00
350th Anniversary of First Bangor Presbyterian Church 1623-1973 (2003) Burns, William £8.00
Glengormley Presbyterian Church 1936-1986 (1986) McCune, Isabel £8.00
Ravenhill Presbyterian Church 1898-1998 Centenary History (1998) Jess, Ivan T. £8.00
One Hundred and Fifty Years. A History of Molesworth Presbyterian Church Cookstown 1835-1985 (1986) McKee, W. J. H. £8.00
Windsor Presbyterian Church Belfast . A Review of the first 100 years 1887-1987 (1987) Brown, Robert J. £7.00
God's River in Spate (hardback version) (1958) Carson, John T. £4.00
Mission Completed. T. S. Mooney of Londonderry 1907-86 (1986) Various contributors £4.00
Knock 1879-1979 (1979) Rynne, Catherine £8.00
The Fifty Nine Revival (1958) Paisley, Ian R. K. £10.00
The Celtic Church in Ireland. The Story of Ireland and Irish Christianity from Before the Time of St Patrick to the Reformation (1898) Heron, James (Prof) £20.00
Kilbride Presbyterian Church 150 Years of Worship 1848-1998 (1998) Hoy, William and McClintock, Samuel (Rev) £8.00
Root and Branch. Wellington Street Presbyterian Church, Ballymena 1828-1978 (1978) Leith, Jack £8.00
Christ Church Carrowdore (1994) Pack-Beresford, Susan E. £5.00
Nor Principalities nor Powers. A History of 1st Carrickfergus Presbyterian Church, 1621-1991 (1991) McCartney, D. J. £7.00
Dunfanaghy's Presbyterian Congregation and its Times (1978) MacArthur, C. W. P. £7.00
The Story of Mary McCracken's Church - McCracken Memorial Presbyterian Church 1934-1994 (1994) Courtney, Anne and Brian £8.00
Great Victoria Street Presbyterian Church 1858-1934 (1934) Congregational Secretary £10.00
The Rock in the Plain. Cregagh Presbyterian Church 1900-1993 (1993) Barbour, Jessie C. £8.00
Great is Thy Faithfulness. The Story of Woodvale Presbyterian Church 1895-1995 (1995) Wilson, Elwyn J. £8.00
A Day in Thy Courts. The Story of Newtownbreda Presbyterian Church, 1842-1992 (1992) Ross, Ronald £8.00
Magheramorne Presbyterian Church 1876-1976. A Brief History. (1976) McConnell, T. H. £8.00
The Church on the Stye Brae. Gilnahirk Presbyterian Church 1787-1987 (1987) Miller, H. C. £8.00
Ballyclare Presbyterian Church. A Story of 125 Years (1981) Grange, R. T. £8.00
The Meeting House at Tullanee. A History of Faughanvale Presbyterian Church (c.1993) White, J.R. £8.00
Presbyterianism in Belfast (1912) McConnell. J. (Rev) £20.00
Gardenmore. A Record of the History and Tradition of Gardenmore Presbyterian Church, Larne (1953) McNeilly, David J., Esler, David (Rev) and Lynas, R. V. A (Rev) £6.00
Crossgar. The Meeting-house and its People (1987) Reid, William W. £6.00
Progressive Presbyterianism: A Plea for Liberty and Enterprise in the Church (1894) Edgar, R. McCheyne £10.00
Rare back Issues of the Bulletin of the Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland Dec 1970 and Nos 3, 8, 11, 15-16 (1970-87) Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland £2.00 each
A History of Second Comber 1838-1990 (1992) Harper, W. Osborne £7.00
Armour's Meeting House 1885-1985, The First Hundred Years (Trinity Ballymoney History) (1985) Snodgrass, Leo £6.00
Our Past Years Fisherwick 1893-1973 (1973) Withers, John H. £6.00
Ballyroney Its Church and People (1971) Lockington, John W. £5.00
The Old Meeting House at Carland Being a History of Carland Presbyterian Church 1646-1996 (2000) McClean, R. G. £6.00
Through the Years in a City Centre Congregation 1929-1987, May Street Presbyterian Church Belfast (1988) Torney, Catherine R. £6.00
Reprint by Mid- Antrim Historical Group of 'The Ulster Revival of 1859. Enthusiasm Emanating from Mid-Antrim'. A Doctoral Thesis. (1962) Scott, Alfred Russell £10.00
The Dill Worthies. A Centenary reprint for the 350th Anniversary of the first Presbytery in Ulster, of the second edition (1892) of J R Dill's story of a 'levitical family' (1992) Dunlop, Eull (Introduction) £7.00
Magherally Presbyterian Church 1656-1982 Historical Sketch (1983) Martin, Mary £5.00
History of Second Killyleagh Presbyterian Church with impressions of the district and mode of life, 1840-1980 (1981) Bain, J. O. £5.00
A Short History of McCrea Magee College, Derry, during its First Fifty Years and A List of Students from the Foundation in 1865 compiled by George Woodburn. This is a Xerox copy of the publication (1915) Leebody, J. R. £2.00
One Among Many. The Recollections of Stanley Jebb - over 65 years with Mackies of Belfast 1945-1990 (2009) Jebb, Stanley £7.00
Couriers of the Dawn. The Story of the Missionary Pioneers of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (1938) Boyd, R. H. £15.00
May Street Presbyterian Church Centenary. A History of the Congregation (1929) Williamson, John £10.00
St Enoch's Congregation 1872-1972. An Account of Presbyterianism in Belfast through the Life of a Congregation. (1972) Barkley, John M. £12.00
Set on a Hill. The Story of Knockbreda Parish Church. The 250th Anniversary 1737-1987 (1988) Wood, Ernes R. £5.00
History of Congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and Biographical Notices of Eminent Presbyterian Ministers and Laymen with Introduction and Notes by the Rev W D Killen (1886) Killen, W. D. £20.00
The Presbyterian Orphan Society 1866-1966 (1966) Barkley, John M. £8.00
A Precarious Belonging. Presbyterians and the Conflict in Ireland (1995) Dunlop, John £6.00
More Joe's Jokes; A Minister's Mirth; Over 300 Tall Tales, Humorous Stories and Irish Jokes Vol 2 (c.1983) Mooney, Joseph B. £4.00
One Move Ahead: The Remarkable Life of T B F Thompson with Derick Bingham (Ambassador 1995) Bingham, Derick £4.00
A History of Presbyterianism in Dublin and the South and West of Ireland (London 1890) (spine is damaged)  Irwin, Charles H. £30.00
Biography of J Ernest Davey (1970) Fulton, Austin £10.00
Armagh Road Presbyterian Church Portadown, 1868-2009 (2009) Gilmour, Mervyn D. £7.00
The Autobiography of Thomas Witherow 1824-1890. Edited for the centenary of the author's death (Ballinascreen Historical Society, 1990) (Pittsburgh 1973) Mawhinney, Graham and Dunlop, Eull £8.00
Ulster Settlers in America (1st edition) (Belfast 1976) Cromie, Howard (Rev) £8.00
Kirk and People. A History of Presbyterianism in Conlig (1998) McKee, W J H (Rev) £4.00
The Union of Synods in the context of Mid-Antrim. A Sesquicentenary account of the formation in 1840 of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, illustrated with documents of local religious history (front cover is slightly stained) (1990) Holmes, Finlay and Dunlop, Eull £2.00
Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church of Ireland. The Constitution and Code of Discipline (Carrickfergus 1997) Published by Authority of Synod £2.00
Henry Cooke's Centenary. Compiled with Introduction by Eull Dunlop and published for a 'Three Prophets Bus Run around Mid-Ulster, 18 June 1993'. Slightly damaged front cover. Ascona Series 10 (Moyola Books and Braid Books 1993) Crawford, Robert (Rev) £3.00
A Short History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (Sabbath School Society for Ireland 1936) Stewart, David (Rev) £10.00
Presbyterian Ministry in County Cavan with the Rev G Jean Mackarel: 'A Look Back' (1996) Mackarel, Rev G Jean £4.00
V. R. I. Her Life and Empire Parts 1-16 complete with index and Preface - original - the life of Queen Victoria) His Grace the Duke of Argyle £25.00
Historical and Literary Memorials of Presbyterianism in Ireland, 2nd Series  (1880) (slight damage to spine) Witherow, Thomas £25.00
The Ancient Church Its History, Doctrine,, Worship, and Constitution Traced for the First Three Hundred Years (New York 1883) Killen, W D £40.00
Historical and Literary Memorials of Presbyterianism in Ireland 2nd series (London and Belfast 1880) Witherow, Thomas £40.00
First Bailieborough Presbyterian Church (Corglass). 300 Years of Worship (1714-2014) Incorporates Glasleck Presbyterian Church, Shercock (Bailie Publications 2014) McKeague, Leslie £10.00
Trinity Presbyterian Church Bailieborough. The First 125 Years (1887-2012) Incorporates the churches of 2nd Bailieborough and Seafin (Bailie Publications 2013) McKeague, Leslie £10.00
The Presbyterian Tradition . A Scottish Layman's Handbook (1933) Warr, Charles L. £5.00
The Church That Was Twice Born: A History of the First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1773-1973 (Pittsburgh 1973) Logan, Ernest Edwin £20.00
A First Communion Manual (Edinburgh 1945) Hill, Ninian £5.00
Presbyterianism Rev John M Barkley £4.00
Sunset Soliloquy (Belfast 1956) Johnstone, Very Rev T.M. (Minister Emeritus of Newington Presbyterian Church, Belfast) £4.00
God's River in Spate with new Introduction by R. F. G. Holmes (Belfast 1958) (3 pages have text highlighted) Carson, John T. Belfast) £3.00
Glad Did I Live - Memoirs of a Long Life William Corkey £20.00
Memories and Musings of a Moderator Moody, A. F. £15.00
A History of Donagheady Presbyterian Churches and Parish Stewart, Stanley £8.00
Your Church is On Fire - the Story of Ravenhill Presbyterian Church, Belfast (c.1972) Thompson, Joseph £8.00
Mary Slessor (Livingstone Press, 3rd Edition) McEvoy, Cuthbert £5.00
Arthur Mee's Book of Everlasting Things Mee, Arthur (editor of the Children's Encyclopedia) £5.00
A Commentary on the Confession of Faith with Questions for Theological Students and Bible Classes (London 1870) Rev A A Hodge edited by W H Goold £15.00
Gleanings from Glenavy Parish Totten, Jean £4.00
Up-With People - Christian Aid Around the World (1979) McCreary, Alf £3.00
First for Boys the Story of the Boys Brigade 1883-1983 (Glasgow 1982) McFarlan, Donald M. £5.00
Memoir of the Rev William Rogers, Minister of Whiteabbey Presbyterian Church, Ireland (Belfast, Edinburgh and London 1898) Barron, Robert (Rev) £20.00
What About the Jews? (Belfast 1944) Frank, Arnold £15.00
Waterside 1866-1966 A Centenary History of Waterside Presbyterian Church, Londonderry (Omagh, 1967) Henderson, R. M. £10.00
Report of Jublilee of the Sabbath School Society for Ireland: Sabbath School Convention, Assembly Hall, Church House, Belfast 7 May 1912 Sabbath School Society £10.00
First Lisburn Presbyterian Church 1688-1988 (1988) Richer, William (Compiler) £6.00
Wesleyan Methodist Magazine (June - Dec 1837) Jan - May pages have been torn out Magazine £8.00
Series of pamphlets produced by the Religious Tract Society, New Biographical Series - on Sir Henry Havelock (No 69) (front covers loose), Sir Matthew Hale (No 114), Baron Von Haller (No 89)(pages loose), Fletcher of Madeley (No 97), Ambrose, Archbishop of Milan (No 86), Professor John Duncan (No 103), George Wilson (No 85), John Berridge (No 120), and Polycarp of Smyrna (No 93) Religious Tract Society £5.00 each
The Weekly Visitor 1835, The Visitor or Monthly Instructor 1836, 1837 and 1847 (1835-37 and 1847)
Spines of 2 volumes are damaged
A Magazine - 4 volumes £8.00
One Hundred and Fifty Years - A History of Molesworth Presbyterian Church, Cookstown 1835-1985 (1986) W J H McKee £7.00
Manual of Romish Controversy: Being a Complte Refutation of the Creed of Pope of Pius IV (c 1910) Blakeney, R P (Rev) £3.00
Ebb and Flow - Essays in church history in honour of R Finlay G Holmes. Articles on, for example, Henry Cooke, the influence of D L Moody on Irish Presbyterianism, Students at Glasgow University 1747-68 (2002) Various contributors £6.00
The Year of Grace: A History of the Ulster Revival of 1859 (1860)
In good condition apart from the spine which has become detached
Gibson, Rev William £20.00
History of the Irish Presbyterian Church (1887) Hamilton, Rev T £7.00
Sermons by Ephraim Peabody, Minister of King's Chapel, Boston, with a Memoir (1857) Very fine binding Peabody, Ephraim £50.00
Religion (The Home University Library of Modern Knowledge) (1948) Micklem, Nathaniel £2.00
A Theological Introduction to the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of England (1950) Bicknell, E J with additional reference by the Rev Canon H J Carpenter £6.00
A History of Ireland(1964) Curtis, Edmund £3.00
Ireland and the Celtic Church - A History of Ireland from St Patrick to the English Conquest in 1172 (1907) Stokes, George T £20.00
The Infallibility of the Church - A Course of Lectures delivered in the Divinity School of the University of Dublin (1890) (Spine slightly damaged) Salmon, George (Provost of Trinity College, Dublin) £15.00
An Encyclopaedia of Religions (1921) Canny, Michael, A. £5.00
Notes, Explanatory and Practical on the New Testament.Vol 6 - 2 Corinthians and Galations (1852) Barnes, Albert £6.00
Waterside, 1866-1966. A Centenary History of Waterside Presbyterian Church, Londonderry (1967) Henderson, R. M. £6.00
History of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand (1899)
Edges are damaged and there are pencil scribblings on some of the pages
Dickson, Rev John £15.00
Presbyterianism (1951) Barkley, Rev John M £5.00
The Form of the Christian Temple being a Treatise on the Constitution of the New Testament Church (1889)
there is some water damage to the first 2 pages, otherwise good
Witherow, Thomas, Professor of Church History in Magee College, Londonderry £20.00
The Plea of Presbytery in behalf of the Ordination, Government, Discipline, and Worship of the Christian Church as opposed to the Unscriptural Character and Claims fo Prelacy , in a reply to the Rev Archibald Boyd on Episcopacy by Ministers of the General Synod of Ulster (1840) Ministers of the General Synod of Ulster £40.00 [Loose cover]
Quiet talks on Personal Problems - sin, doubt, ambition, self-mastery, guidance, the church and questioned things (1907) Gordon, S. D. £3.00
Reasonable Service. A Study in Christian Conduct (IVF publication) (1948) Bromley, G. W. £3.00
The Romeward Trend in Irish Presbyterianism? (1968) Barkley, John M. £6.00
The Road Ahead - Reflections The Redevelopment of Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church Dublin (2002) Fitzgerald, Joy £3.00
The Life of John Wesley (1960) Telford, John £7.00
Proceedings of the General Council of the Alliance of the Reformed Churches Holding the Presbyterian System - 1st-3rd, 7th-9th, 11th-12th, 15th [3rd (in St Enoch's) (1877-1937) Alliance of Reformed Churches £10.00 each
The Presbyterian College Belfast 1853-1953 (1954) Allen, Robert £40.00
The Story of the Central Presbyterian Association, Belfast, 1882-1932 (1932) Johnston, Robert £15.00
Presbyterianism in Lisburn from the Seventeenth Century: First Lisburn Presbyterian Church (1960) Craig, W. I. £25.00
Through the Years in a City Centre Congregation 1929-1987: May Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast (1988) Torney, Catherine R. £5.00
Historical Sketch of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (Ascona Series 13) (1994 reprint; original edition 1858) Witherow, Thomas Maghera £5.00
The Rock From which We are Hewn - a series of lectures on the history of the Presbyterian Church and its beliefs (Antrim 1951) Ministers of the Presbyterian Church £10.00
In the Days of the Laggan Presbytery (Belfast 1908) Lecky, Rev Alexander £20.00
The Prevailing Word - the development of the Presbyterian mission stations in India (Belfast Foreign Mission Office 1953) Boyd, R H £15.00
Irish Unionism 1885-1923: A Documentary History (Belfast 1973) Patrick Buckland £10.00
First Lisburn Presbyterian Church 1688-1988 (1988) William Richer £7.00
Our Rest-Day: Its Origin, History, and Claims with Special Reference to Present-Day Needs (Edinburgh 1886) Rev Thomas Hamilton, Belfast £20.00
Fuller Life (Belfast, The Foreign Mission) Robert Boyd £6.00
Frazer of Tain (The Rev Alexander Frazer) (Glasgow 1966) John T Carson £6.00
North Antrim. A Collection of Photographs. (Belfast 1998) Arthur Ward £5.00
'In the Red' - a series of Sermons by the minister of Fisherwick Presbyterian Church, Belfast (1968) John H. Withers £5.00
Lowe Memorial. A Short History of Finaghy Presbyterian Church (1995) Ellie and Jean Copeland, Shane Hogg and Harold Leonard £5.00
Robert Henderson.  The Story of a Missionary Greatheart in India (London 1922)
Mr Henderson whose family came from near Randalstown, Co Antrim, served as a missionary of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.
Rev J Sinclair Stevenson £20.00
Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi - The Post Exilian Prophets (Edinburgh  (1986) Marcus Dods D.D. (Principal, New College, Edinburgh) £2.00
Ahoghill Folk - Ahoghill Part 2.  Photographs of people of the Fourtowns and round about, mostly from the Stevenson Collection (1989)
Mid Antrim Historical Group £4.00
Ways to Wealth.  The Cust Family of Eighteenth Century Armagh (Belfast 1985) L. A. Clarkson and E. M. Crawford £4.00
'Ian Maclaren' . The Life of the Rev John Watson. (London 1908)
[John Watson - Scottish author and theologian who wrote stories of rural Scottish life and who wrote under the pseudonym 'Ian Maclaren']
W Robertson Nicoll £10.00
The Dowry of the Past. The Story of Berry Street Presbyterian Church, Belfast (1969) Mr H T Combe £6.00
Systematic Theology in 8 volumes (1948) Lewis Sperry Chafer £30.00
Favourite Psalms (1988) John Stott £5.00
James Seaton Reid. A Centenary Biography (London 1870) Robert Allen with a Foreword by Professor John Foster £20.00
A Theological Introduction to the Thirty Nine Articles of the Church of England E J Bicknell £6.00
Robert Henderson.  The Story of a Missionary Greatheart in India.  Rev J Sinclair Stevenson £15.00
Into All the World: A History of the Overseas Work of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland 1840-1990 Jack Thompson Editor £5.00
Notes on the New Testament: Explanatory and Practical with Questions for Bible Classes and Sunday Schools Vols 1-11 (c. 1868) Albert Barnes £30.00
A Short History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland Prof John M Barkley £15.00
May Street Presbyterian Church Centenary : a History of the Congregation John Williamson £20.00
Milton's L'Allegro and Il Penseroso illustrated with etchings on steel (London, 1860) (Pages are loose) Birket Foster £100.00
Through Gates of  Hope (Belfast, Foreign Mission Office, 1947)  Describes the missionary work in Manchuria by the Presbyterian Chruch in Ireland  R H Boyd £10.00
The Heartburnings of a Moderator John T Carson £2.00
Voices from the Past - History of the English Conference of the Presbyterian Church of Wales 1889-1938 Buick Knox £1.00
Presbyterianism in Belfast (1912) Rev J M'Connell £40.00
The Chemistry of the Sun (1887) J Norman Lockyer £20.00
Old Testament History (The Century Bible Handbooks(1909)  Prof W H Bennett £1.00
A Short History of Ireland from The Earliest Times to 1608 (1893) P W Joyce £20.00
A Concise History of Ireland from the Earliest Times to 18371903 Joyce, P.W. £10.00
The Union of Synods in the context of Mid-Antrim Finlay Holmes and Eull Dunlop £3.00
God's River in Spate: the story of the 1859 revival (slighty damaged) John T Carson £2.00
History of Kingsmills Presbyterian Church 1788-1988 Elliott, Beatrice and Lundy, Jennifer £8.00
A Memoir of the Reverend Charles Davey of Belfast (Minister of St Enoch's and Fisherwick) J Ernest Davey £20.00
First International Convention of Reformed Presbyterian Churches 1896 - Speeches and Addresses £20.00
Christ and Western India - A Study of the Growth of the Indian Church in Bombay City from 1812 (1953) Elizabeth G K Hewat £5.00
An Historical Sketch of Groomsport Presbyterian Church 1841-1963 Rev Walter Nelson £10.00
Romanism and Evangelical Christianity: A Study of Origins and Development Francis J Paul, late Professor of Church History and Principal of Presbyterian College, Belfast. £5.00
History and Principles of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland Rev David Stewart £10.00
Christian Reunion in Ireland James S Rutherford £4.00
Contending for the Faith (History of the Evangelical Movement in the Universities and Colleges) Douglas Johnson £4.00
Ballymascanlon Cahal B Daly and AS Worrall £2.00
Martin Luther's Last Will and Testament (published 1982) £10.00
Pardon and Assurance Rev William J Patton £20.00
The Sabbath School Society for Ireland 1862-1962 (1961) John M Barkley £15.00
Presbyterianism on Trial (1927) Rev James Edgar £30.00
Andrew Weir of Manchuria Margaret Weir £10.00
History of 2nd Comber Presbyterian Church 1838-1990 £10.00
Heralds of God - Stories of Hebrew Prophets (1949) J B Thomson Davies £5.00
Presbyterian Church in Ireland – Directory 2005, 2006, 2007 £5.00 each
Keeping the Flame Burning – A Reflection on 50 Years of the Presbyterian Residential Trust 1949-1999 William McCaughey £5.00
The Code of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland 1962 £10.00
Over the Hill - Ecumenism in the Irish Presbyterian Church with a Foreword by the Very Rev Dr R F G Holmes (1997) Carlisle Patterson £1.00
The Code of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, 1912, 1948, 1962, 1980 £5.00 each
Venite Adoremus – World's Student Christian Federation Prayer Book £10.00
A Life of Jesus Christ (1981) Robert Turrall-Clarke £2.00
A General Study of Waringstown  Kieran Clendinning £5.00
Expositions of Holy Scripture - commentary on Matthew chapters 1 -8 (1905) Alexander Maclaren £10.00
William Barclay Commentaries – Acts, John, Letters of John and Jude, Luke William Barclay £1.00 each
Revival on the Causeway Coast Nicholas Railton £10.00
The Soldier's Armoury 1973 - Bible Readings £0.50
Alexander Vinet - His Life and Work Eugene Rambert £10.00
The Life of John Wesley (1960 reprint) Telford, John £6.00
Episode in the History of Protestant Ulster 1923-47 William Corkey £15.00
1840-1940 Centenary – The Story of a Hundred Years of the Irish Presbyterian Church Rev Professor & J Ernest Davey
Baptists and Reformed in Dialogue – No 4 in Studies from the World Alliance of Reformed Churches
Joys, Jobs and Jaunts - Memoirs of Sir Martin Roseveare (Father of Dr Helen Roseveare) 1984 Roseveare, Martin £7.00
Living Where the River Flows - A tribute to the Rev Dr John Talbot Carson Various contributors £5.00
What shall We Say of Christ (1932) explores the New Testament approach to the significance of Christ Sydney Cave £2.00
Modern Evangelism William MacDonald £2.00
Newsletter 1737-1987.  A History of the Oldest British Daily Newspaper Hugh Shearman £3.00
The Lives of Mr Richard Hooker, Mr George Herbert, and Dr Robert Sanderson (London, 1847) Izaak Walton £20.00
Equal to Rule. Leading the Jesus Way. Why men and women are equal to serve in leadership in the Christian Church (2014) Trevor Morrow £5.00
The Story of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland A C Anderson £5.00
The Story of the Central Presbyterian Association, Belfast Robert Johnston £5.00
Ulster Since 1800. A Political and Economic Survey (1955) Moody, T. W. and Beckett J. C. £8.00
How we got our Bible; An answer to Questions suggested by the late revision (6th Edition) J Patterson Smyth £4.00