1st Donegore Presbyterian Church Marriage Register 1806-45

This index to 1st Donegore marriages has been reproduced by kind permission of the Church.

It covers the period 1806-45 and because civil registration of Protestant marriage did not begin until 1845 these early marriage records are very important for family and local history.

1st Donegore has a very distinguished history. The Rev Dr Henry Cooke, one of the most influential Irish Presbyterian ministers of the 19th century ministered at 1st Donegore and he was followed by the Presbyterian historian, the Rev James Seaton Reid.

If you want to find out more about the history of 1st Donegore you can buy a copy of The Parkgate Presbyterians: People and Kirk over Four Centuries, the First Donegore Story (2011) by Donald Alexander (more details are given on the website of 1st Donegore Presbyterian Church ).

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