Westport Presbyterian Church Marriages 1825-57

The congregation was formally organised in 1823.  Richard Smyth, the third minister of the congregation, later gained prominence becoming a professor at Magee College, Derry, and then M.P. for Co. Londonderry, 1874-8.

Interesting features of the marriage records include details of the bride or the groom coming from England or Scotland, the inclusion of the names of witnesses and often the relationship of the witnesses to the bride and groom.  The modern townland names have all been identified (given in square brackets) except for one.

Names appearing in the Index
Begg, William
Carr, Helen
Carr, John
Carr, William
Colquhoun, John
Connell, Alexander
Corbett, David
Cosgrave, George
Cowan, John
Creighton (Rev), Robert
Daly, Susan
Dudgeon, Ann
Duff, John
Dunlop, Robert
Eakins, John
Evans, Edward
Fahy, Mary
Ferris, Rose Anne
Fitzgerald, James
Fitzgerald, Mary
French, Bridget
Gibbons, Catherine
Gray, James
Grimes, Fanny
Grimes, Mary
Hadaway, Mary Spark
Hawood, Samuel
Hildebrance alias Cuthbert, Jane
Hill, John
Hume, John
Jeffrey, Robert
Jeffrey, William
Jordan, Mary
Kelly, Catherine H.
Kelly, Maria C.
Lavertty, James
Louth, Bridget
Loyd, Captain
Maberly, Thomas
Malone, Mary
Martin, Eliza
McCabe, Jane
McColl, Margaret
McCreery, Esther
McCreery, Joseph
McIntyre, Henry
McLaughlin, Mary
Moore, William
Murphy, Isabella
Orr, Hugh
Reed, Catherine
Reid, Jane
Ringland, George
Robertson, William
Rutledge, Jane
Scott, John
Smith, Alexander
Stewart, Anne
Stewart, Rebecka
Telford, Christina
Tingey, Mary
Trimble, Margaret
Watt, Robert
Wilkes, Grissy
Wynne, Anne
Young, John

Index of Marriages

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