The Bible Christian, 1830-45

Four months after the ‘Orthodox Presbyterian’ was started by the Synod of Ulster, the Non – Subscribers started the Bible Christian’ and almost invariably every monthly issue contained an attack, either direct or indirect, on the practice or teaching of the opposite party. The Bible Christian first appeared in February 1830 and appeared in 3 series: 1830-35, 1836-38 and 1839-45.

It provides much information on the events of the period such as the Clough and Killinchy cases over the property rights following the secession of the Non –Subscribers from the Synod of Ulster, and Royal Belfast Academical Institution, as well as many historical articles including the origins of Presbyterianism in Belfast.

It is also an important source of information on the Remonstrant Synod, presbyteries and congregations and contains many theological articles especially on the inconsistency of Calvinism.

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